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minneaploismartWith the August 2015 Minneapolis Mart show quickly approaching we’ve been putting our nose to the grind stone to make sure we are ready. We recently acquired our second laser and while Tim has been busting tail to make the reclaimed sign blanks, Elijah has been busy writing the laser programs and pushing them through. We have a huge list of signs- over 300 in our data base.

We completed an amazing amount in a short time. We are offering our distinct line to wholesale customers and we are very excited about the quality and uniqueness of our line. There are six different categories, and for each category there is a pack that includes- what we feel- will be the most popular.

We have seen such an outpouring of support from people who have visited us in the last couple weeks we feel that we have truly been blessed. Everyone who sees these sign in person love how each sign is unique.

When building our signs we use the most unique reclaimed lumber. It is recycling really. Most of these old buildings would end up in landfills or burnt- the history of them being lost forever and it would also add to the carbon footprint. We utilize as much of the scraps from these buildings as we can. That means if you purchase one of our signs not only are you buying a one of a kind piece; but you are also buying a piece of American history AND helping us keep these old buildings from adding to our landfills. Really it’s a win for us, win for Mother Nature, and a win for you!

If you’re looking for a great product for your home, or a product that is MADE IN AMERICA- you’ve got to check us out!

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At Acorn Millwork we have built quite a reputation with our handmade, one-of-a-kind creations that come off of our production line in our 65,000 square foot facility. 50% of our company products are produced from reclaimed lumber that we get from barns, churches, fencing, granary buildings, warehouses, and old factories built in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s .... Read More>>

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